2015 Labor Day SHOOTOUT

The always entertaining Labor Day SHOOTOUT had cool weather which made for a nice smooth surface and great side by side action at the Sheyenne River Speedway in Lisbon, ND. Driver introductions made for a special night for the fans, drivers, friends and families as they had a chance to see their favorite dirt race drivers up close under the lights.

Kenneth Bye and Pokey Lukes would lead the action packed Milnor Fabricating Mini Stocks to the green. Down the back straight away it was Jason Reinke would take over the early lead. Right on the back bumper was Pokey Lukes.  Grady Shearer would start making his way though the field. Three laps in, Shearer would take over the second position.  Nose to tail Reinke and Shearer would pull away from the field. A late caution would cut the lead down that the leaders had. On the restart Reinke and Shearer would open the gap up on the field. With the white flag in the air, Shearer looked to the inside of Reinke. They would touch coming out of turn two and Shearer would steal the lead and take home the win.

Grady Shearer

Mini Stock – #97 Grady Shearer

The Valley City State University Hobby Stocks feature was set with Clair Miller and Jay Schlotfeldt on the front row. Schlotfeldt would jump out to the lead with Jayden Michaelson and Kasey Ussatis battling for second. Daleyn Baasch and Brennan Urbach maked their way up the the top five, while Schlotfeldt would try to hold off Michaelson for the lead. With the laps winding down Urbach would challenge Michaelson for second. The top three cars would pull to a three car gap from the rest of the field. While Michealson and Urbach would battle for second, Schlotfeldt would stretch his lead out to a couple car lengths. On the white flag Michealson and Urbach would make on last charge for the lead. Smooth and steady out of turn number four it would be Jay Schlotfeldt picking up his 1st ever victory.

Jay Schlotfeldt

Hobby Stock – #20 Jay Schlotfeldt

In the Welton’s Tire Wissota Street Stocks Duffy Froemke would have his hands full with Jonny Carter and Ryan Satter. Froemke would take command with Carter and Sattter fallowing on the high side of the speedway. Satter and Carter would swap positions back and forth while on the back bumper of Froemke. Half way through the track started to become a multi groove track for the street stocks. Carter and Satter would take turns diving under Froemke. Back and forth with the laps winding down , Satter looked to have a run out of turn  two. Side by side down the back straight away and into turn three Froemke and Satter would battle. But as they came out of turn four they would be three wide. Carter on the inside , Satter in the MIddle and Froemke on the outside. Froemke would maintain the lead and carter would take over second. One last Carter gave all he had for Froemke but came up short. Duffy Froemke would go on to pick up his 2nd feature win in a row.

Duffy Froemke

WISSOTA Street Stock – #21 Duffy Froemke

The Titan Machinery Wissota Midwest Modifieds take to the speedway for twenty laps.Kyle Langland would lead the field after lap one with Brock Gronwold and John Corell righ behind. Langland would get out to half a straight way lead when Nate Reinke would make his way up to second. Zack Reinke and would run down Nate and put on a very good battle for second. Langland would continue to lead while Zack and Nate Reinke used every inch of the track while battling for second. Zack would try the bottom With Nate on the top. Back and forth for the last six laps with Nate taking home second. Langland would dominate the field by running the low line of the speedway. Langland would win the caution free Midwest Modified feature.

Kyle Langland

WISSOTA Midwest Modified – #66 Kyle Langland

In Cross Roads Electric Wissota Super Stocks it was Todd Carter and Brian Bernotas that would battle for the lead. With Erik Roberson, John Miller and William Wadeson Battling three wide for much of the race. But up front it was Bernotas leading with Carter stalking his every move. Carter would look the outside of Bernotas coming out of turn two. Carter could only manage to get up to the door of the leader. In the closing laps it was once again Carter looking to get around Bernotas. This time Carter would look to the bottom in turns three and four, then to the high side in One and two. But Carter could not get enough momentum to get by the #43 of Brian Bernotas. Bernotas would go on to pick the win.

Brian Bernotas

WISSOTA Super Stock – #43 Brian Bernotas

Don’t Forget October 3& 4 races. Get ready for the Rumble on the Hill!


Milnor Fabricating Mini Stocks

Feature: Grady Shearer, Jason Reinke,Matt Bogart,Roger Lukes, Cole Bogart,Kenneth Bye,  Natalie Lukes,Jack Gartner, Phillip Wilt, Chase Golliet

Heat 1: Grady Shearer,Roger Lukes,Kenneth Bye,  Natalie Lukes,Matt Bogart

Heat 2: Jason Reinke, Chase Golliet, Jack Gartner, Phillip Wilt, Cole Bogart

Valley City State University Hobby Stocks

Feature: Jay Schlotfeldt,Brennan Urbach, Daleyn Baasch,  Jayden Michaelsohn,Kasey Ussatis,Clair Miller, Dan Evert, Kodee Ussatis, Mike Nims,Zach Muralt, Ron Demoss

Heat 1: Daleyn Baasch,Brennan Urbach,Jayden Michaelsohn,  MIke Nims ,Dan Evert

Heat 2:  Kasey Ussatis, Kodee Ussatis, Jay Schlotfeldt,Clair Miller,   Zach Muralt, Ron Demoss

Welton’s Tire Wissota Street Stocks

Feature: Duffy Froemke, Jonny Carter, Ryan Satter, Bo Gregor,Matt Lestmeister,Hunter Carter,Lindsey Hansen, Tyler Pfaff, Pokey Lukes, John Sandvig, Lance Ennenga, Dusty Mund, Ryan Pommerer,  Nic Klein, Brandon Tendeland

Heat 1:  Ryan Satter, Nic Klein,Duffy Froemke,Matt Lestmeister,Hunter Carter,Tyler Pfaff,Brandon Tendeland, Roger Lukes

Heat 2:   Jonny Carter,Bo Gregor, Levi Babcock ,Dusty Mund, Ryan Pommerer, John Sandvig,Lance Ennenga, Lindsey Hansen

Titan Machinery Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature: Kyle Langland,Nate Reinke,  Zach Reinke,  Zach Doctor,Randy Klein,Mike Mund,Steve Ost, John Corell, Alex Langland,  Kyle Schell, Brandon Schmit, Johnny Clemens, Brock Gronwold, Sam Zander

Heat 1:  Kyle Langland, Zach Doctor, Nate Reinke, Brock Gronwold, Sam Zander, Steve Ost,Kyle Schell,Johnny Clemens

Heat 2:  John Corell,Randy Klein,Mike Mund, Zach Reinke, Brandon Schmit, Jeff Carpenter,Jarrett Carter

Cross Roads Electric Wissota Super Stocks

Feature: Brian Bernotas, Todd Carter,John Miller,Erik Robertson,William Wadeson,Tim Compson,Brandon Compson

Heat 1:  Brian Bernotas,Todd Carter,Erik Robertson,Tim Compson,William Wadeson,Brandon Compson

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